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When it Rains Cats & Dogs

It was raining cats and dogs all week – is there a cat in your pool? After one of our infamous Tampa Bay rainstorms, it’s important to immediately remove all debris, as well as check your chemical levels. Here are some things to consider before jumping back in the pool today:

First, grab your skimmer to begin cleaning out the large debris, such as branches, leaves, and garbage. If there is just a small amount of debris left on the bottom of the pool, use your own pool vacuum system to take care of it, otherwise, contact The Pool Doctor to have it professionally power vacuumed to ensure debris doesn’t get stuck in the pipes or wear out your filter. While we are there, we will also check your water level to make sure it’s at an appropriate level.

In addition to debris, a significant rainstorm can bring with it contaminates, which can lower the alkalinity levels or cause a pH rise. Adjust these levels using pH Plus, pH Minus, and Alkalinity Plus. This can be intimidating if you’ve never done this before – just make sure to carefully follow the directions on the chemicals or have The Pool Doctor come to adjust your chemical levels. Our experts are certified licensed professionals and will restore your pool back to perfect swimming health.


If you haven’t shocked your pool in a while, this would be a good time to do it to clear any bacteria or algae that may have already been accumulating. Shock is available in both liquid and powder forms, but liquid typically works quicker.

However, if the storm left you with more than just a few leaves, or you still haven’t cleaned up your pool for the summer, let The Pool Doctor take it from this:

To this:

Now all you will have to do is remember where you put your sunscreen!

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