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Adding Beauty to Your Pool

Just imagine. You are relaxing on a pool-side chair enjoying every bit of the soothing effect that the pool has on you; the fragrance of flowers massaging your senses on a hot sunny day. Is this all that you want? Is that the end of what you expect your pool to be like?

Beauty to Your Swimming Pool Renovation Adding Beauty to Your Pool
Not just by day, but you can also make your pool look beautiful at night with sparkling lights, eye catching water features and more. Here are some helpful tips to make your pool look beautiful:

Water Features:- A beautiful fountain in the center of the pool can give a royal look or you can also opt for a gurgling waterfall that flows through an artificial rock – formation. This would not only add a wonderful look to your pool but the sound of flowing water will have a soothing effect on your senses. If you are looking for something that would add life to your poolside party, deck jets would do the trick. Deck jets can add life to your party especially with color changing lights (think of how it would look at night). You can also add some other water features like a Koi Pond by the pool with colourful fish swimming in it. A Container water plant is yet another option that would add a touch of plant life to your pool.

Lighting: Lights can make your pool look beautiful. However, there are certain things that you should remember while adding lighting to your pool:

  1. Don’t add too many lights in the pool as it can make your pool look very loud.
  2. Make sure you put up the lights in the deep end and not in the shallow end as it will give a better effect.
  3. Lighting design should include standard electrical outlet lighting and also low-voltage lighting.
  4. You should cut down on heavy shadows using a proper lighting design.

Pool Ornaments: You can even decorate your pool with different kinds of Pool ornaments like statues, bird feeders, fancy floats, Hot Tub pillows, floating waterproof LED balls, floating pond decorations, Floating Flowers LED.

Pool Furniture: A dip in the pool can be relaxing and tiring at the same time. It is then, necessary to have some furniture to slump on after a swim.
It is very important to select the right kind of pool-side furniture which can complement the swimming pool and the house. There are many options you can go for like a Hammock – just tie it between two trees and slump in it with your favorite book or simply close your eyes and relax. There are hammocks available for all seasons. You can even go for an Adirondack chair which is quite comfortable and resistant to water and humidity. Or an outdoor sectional that works perfect for a family get-together or a party.

Pool makeover: If you are ready to spend some extra buck, then you could perhaps, change the look of your pool, selecting a variety that is different and gives a rich look. You could try covering a pool’s bottom and walls with tiles, you could create fascinating patterns. You could enrich the bottom by a very big turtle, oriental ornaments and by using others original pictures. Images with cartoon characters ideally fit for kids swimming pools. Or just put glass tiles in orange, yellow and blood red at the bottom of your pool, as it gets its startling color from a base of mosaic.
So enjoy modifying your pool and see eyes pop out with fascination when your friends see your pool!

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