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    We offer a full range of pool decking alternatives. In addition to providing decorative decking, we provide decorative concrete pool decking with colorful textured designs.



Escape from the world without leaving the comforts of home with The Pool Doctor’s in ground pool decking!

When it comes to decking you might want to think big. Poolside pleasure is an important component in the overall enjoyment of your inground swimming pool. Think about pool side seating, lounges and shaded havens. To help pull the landscaping and the pool together you may not want to put decking all the way around the pool to help tie the backyard and landscaping all into one.

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When it comes to the type of decking to put around your choices are only restricted by your personal preference. Some of the decking surfaces you can use around your inground swimming pool are:

• Cool Deck
• Acrylic Decks 1&2 Color
• Pavers / thick, thin & retro
• Tile Install
• Bricks
• Flagstone
• Quarry Tile
• Travertine
• Slate
• Marble

So spend some time talking with the family on what look you want in the backyard and which material will fit best with your style.

Pool Deck Renovation by The Pool Doctor in Tampa Bay, Florida

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